2014 Black and White Holiday

This year I am taking part in the Crimson Chickadee Photography 2014 Black and White Holiday share. I can’t wait to share my black and white holiday images with you all!


Sitting on the bales getting a little fresh air while mommy does chores. She still feel a little tired and weak.


Someone has been feeling under the weather today. Poor little Dolly.



Opening her advent calendar is so much fun!


 Our crazy elf on the shelf has been so quiet other than the pile of gift under the tree. One for every day.



The view from the kitchen window at the ranch. I don’t think a person could ever get tired of it.



Putting on miles today as Dolly and I head to the ranch


The frost on the trees is so beautiful!

Daisy having a rest in front of the tree.

CCP_8043 copy


Dolly getting her video early this morning from Santa and the elves at the North Pole. Good news…she was on the nice list!

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Stephanie - December 1, 2014 - 7:32 pm

Oh, what a fun idea. I might have to participate!

Samantha - December 8, 2014 - 4:25 pm

Love these images! The Christmas lights look so great in black & white! Glad I found you in the link-up. :)

Grandma in the Garden

I have mentioned already how my Grandma loved to garden. Not only did she have an overly large and abundant vegetable garden, she also had flowers everywhere. To walk around the farm you find many little areas that had rock gardens tucked here and there. Heritage flowers that were hardy filled her beds. Early summer mornings would find her outside, rollers in her hair and a housecoat on (this is easy to get away with in the country!). She would have a cup of coffee in her hand and she would wander the farm yard. Looking at the flowers that had buds on them, seeing which had opened up for her to see all of their beauty. Most of the flowers she liked were not flowers that I would say were on my list of favourites, however she did have peonies. Peonies, along with Hydrangeas are my favourite flowers. I wish I could have peonies in my house all year long. They curl their ruffled petals to show their beautiful colour. They are lady like in appearance. They also rely on sugar ants to open. Just like we need our heavenly father to help us grow and gain everlasting strength of character, peonies need ants to develop into a delicate work of beauty.


I am finding that a lot as of late. That the beauty and character that are within me are nothing without the help of God. He molds me. He sustains me. If only I could look at myself as a Peony needed the ants to open it to it’s full glory, perhaps I would not be so critical of myself. If I just let go and trusted that He would help me in all the areas of my life. Perhaps I need to remind myself of the little ants, fulfilling a larger picture that they know nothing about.

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The call of the land

He is my mom’s youngest sibling. The one who stayed on the farm and continued on the farm way of life. He has a sense of humour and always has a smile on his face. Even in the hardest of times, he tilts his head to the side, smiles a tight lipped smile and says something utterly goofy.

I adore that he has the same love for animals that I do. That personality trait that gives animals names, and people like qualities. To look at any animal in the field and to hear how it likes to be fed first with its food in a certain bowl, or how it gets stiff when the weather turns cold. To know who are the protective mommas and who are more diva like in their natures. I love going for visits. The two of us are the only ones who call our home the country. Living outside of the business of the city. I feel the call of the land as it is so often dubbed. It speaks to my heart. Like a whisper in the wind.
mare and foal
two horses
corgi moving sheep
corgi in water
black face sheep
jacob sheep

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For the love of a bird~31 days of Heritage


It was always easy to sit at any of Grandma’s windows with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and watch the birds. Both Grandma and Grandpa loved the birds. They had many little feeders tucked here and there. Some were big basins full of sunflower seeds, others were tiny little feeders of copper for the little sparrows to perch and pick away at the littlest of seeds.
Some feeders were hidden in the trees so well that the only way to know there was a feeder there was from the pile of shells that lay scattered on the ground below.
I never really understood what was so interesting about the birds. I know now that it wasn’t about what was so interesting but rather about what was so relaxing. Watching the birds gives you an opportunity to sit, quietly. It forces you to relax and unwind. I appreciate that my Grandparents did this and that they passed this hobby on to their kids and grandkids.
I now too can sit and watch the birds out my own window, relaxed and content. Always I will think about my Grandparents, even if it is a fleeting thought.


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